Flipping the Coin was founded by Cyrill Lachauer and Moritz Stumm in 2011. In 2014 they were joined by Alexander Hick, who founded Flipping the Coin Films, and by Nils Petersen.


Flipping the Coin tosses the coin three times.

The dubplate label Flipping the Coin Records produces collector’s editions of auditory material created by visual artists. Sounds, beats, songs and melodies are cut into a carrier material and then played, thereby emitting the musical content back into the ether.


Flipping the Coin Books publishes artistic processes as documents and images as well as, occasionally, exhibition catalogs. Our main focus is to create a synthetic publication that combines the general artistic work, the position of the author and the specific form of the book as an artistic medium. In regard to catalogs, Flipping the Coin Books values sustained collaboration with artists in order to avoid merely documentary publications full of idiosyncratic vocabulary. We are especially interested in books in their serial form as a means by which to portray the essence of an artist over several years.