Swan Song

Lucinda Dayhew

Swan Song is a work by Lucinda Dayhew involving several Berlin based electronic and experimental/new music composers. It is a reinterpretation of the myth of the dying swan. The swan songs are pressed on limited edition vinyl dubplates by Flipping the Coin. Losing quality slightly with each play, as is the case with all dubplates, after approximately 500 plays the audio on the records will be rendered inaudible.


Concept and cover art: Lucinda Dayhew


Participating musicians: Clare Cooper . Gudrun Gut . Golden Disko Ship (Theresa Stroetges) . Jasmine Guffond (Jasmina Maschina) . Ari Benjamin Meyers . NSI (Max Loderbauer & Tobias Freund) also part of Moritz von Oswald Trio, with Ricardo Villalobos – ECM remixes & Tobias . Tom Thiel . Lucinda Dayhew



2 x 12‘ inch Dubplate

38 min.

With original compositions by

Clare Cooper

Lucinda Dayhew

golden diskó ship (Theresa Stroetges)

Jasmine Guffond

Gudrun Gut

Ari Benjamin Meyers

NSI (Tobias Freund & Max Loderbauer)

Tom Thiel

concept and cover art

Lucinda Dayhew

layout by


mastered at Phlexton Studios by

Kraans De Lutin 

Edition of 30 + 4AP´s, 470.- €