I am sitting in a machine;

Martin Backes


I am sitting in a machine; is a voice-driven virtual assistant, which records a short narration of its own speaking voice, and runs this recording through an MP3 encoder over and over again. With each iteration of the loop, you will hear the artifacts of the encoding process reinforce themselves and gradually eliminating “all human qualities” of the virtual assistants voice by revealing its data  format.
The work is a hommage to composer Alvin Lucier’s 1969 piece I Am Sitting in a Room. It consists of two parts. The first part is a limited edition vinyl dubplate consisting of 30 units. The second part is a web page application distributed via the Internet. In both parts, there are 32 tracks included, selected from 3000 successive iterations of the 128 kbps 44.1 kHz MP3 encoding.

Martin Backes, I am sitting in a machine; 2017, 12 inch Dubplate, Edition of 30 + 5AP ́s, 500,- Euros