Studies of an Alien Skin

Andreas Greiner & Tyler Friedman


As the boundaries of human research approach penetration of the quantum veil, the surfaces of biological machinery begin to reveal mysterious shapes and motions. Beyond the reach of our naked eyes, skin is a pulsating alien landscape in a state of continuous geological formation, where death is an apocalypse in slow motion. Inside the abstraction of closeness, the extra-terrestrial engulfs. ‘Studies of an Alien Skin’ is visual exploration of this terrain and a speculative sonic realization of its transmissions. Scanning across different sections of pulsating bodies of one of the earth’s very own alien organisms, the installation swirls through the visual instability of matter, the empathetic projection of emotion onto non-human life, the electricity of organicity, and the psychedelia of biology.


12″ inch Dubplate

Gestaltung Cover etc:

Raphael Jacobs & SinU Ko

Side A

Study I: mouth 

Study II: skin 

Side B

Study III: pulse 

Study IV: sight 

Study V: electricity

concept by Andreas Greiner & Tyler Friedman

composed by Tyler Friedman